05 Apr. 20

We’re still open but….

As key workers we are still safely serving the community following the government guidelines which are listed below:-

  • Keep more than 2 meter away from customers.
  • Wash / sanitise hands or wear new gloves before entering the property. 
  • Avoid payments by cash or chip and pin. 
  • Avoid asking for signatures. 

Payments can still be made by card either on-line, by phone and in person. 

If you are safe isolating and would like to do a bit of plumbing but would like some guidance on what parts you’ll need and how to go about it, I’ll be more than happy to receive a video call through WhatsApp. There would be no charge for this service but be aware I would not be available to everyone all the time. If I do miss your call I’ll get back to asap as usual.  My telephone number on WhatsApp is my mobile number 07813920661.

If you do not have WhatsApp you can download the App from the links below.



Wondows or Mac

Stay safe.