07 May. 17

Never be the same

With all the changes currently going on the world right now non are as important to me as this. The main change I have to do in my working life is the amount of working hours. As many of you will know the 1st few months of a child’s life is the most precious and this time will never come round again. This is why I’m doing my best to spend as much time as possible supporting my wife by being with our son. I am also aware that not sleeping properly can affect one’s performance. This is another reason I think it’s a good idea not to work as many hours as have done.

Even though my wife and I have just had our 1st child I know the world does keep turning and my customers may need serving. This is why I have arranged for a friend who I trust with my customers to help me during this period. This is why Dan may be completing certain jobs for me. I would like to thank my customers who have accommodated my circumstances so far.

Please feel free to still get in touch with any plumbing and heating enquiries you may have as I will do my best to either see to your job myself or arrange for the work to be done by Dan.

Thank you from me and Louie Patrick Pavlou.

Picture by Slinky Media Photography Studio