16 Oct. 16

Resist the temptation….

The main purpose for this blog is to save customers money as I am coming across more and more situations where the customer has tried to repair a leaking pipe or pipe fitting and failed.  
When you spot a leaking pipe or pipe fitting I can perfectly understand the 1st reaction is to try and repair the leak however unless you are experienced in repairing leaks then your efforts may end up costing you more money, for the following reasons :- your time to go to the store to buy the required materials, doing the repair, the damaged caused by the failed attempt, these are all avoidable. A lot of people like to use an epoxy resin (see pictures below) or tape over the leak  which just slows the plumber down adding more costs to the customer. The epoxy resin does have its uses but only in certain circumstances. As a professional I’ve only used it a handful of times. Any tape that claims to repair leaking pipes is designed as a temporary fix and should only be used if the water can not be caught in a container or a plastic rubble bag.


Don't use epoxy resin to fix pipe fittings

the wrong way to repair a leaking pipe


If you spot a leaking pipe and you are not 100% confident that you can fix it then call Pavlou Plumbers. We’ll be more than happy to show you step by step how to fix the leak so you’ll be confident next time.