18 Nov. 19

I hear the same thing over and over again.

This time of year, when the weather starts getting colder is when I get more new customers asking for boiler services. A few of these new customers canceled their British Gas or Homeserve or other larger company service contracts mainly because they feel they are not getting value for money. Not because the cost of the contracts are high but because the service provided is not sufficient.


It’s all about money

The one sentence or phrase I hear time and time again after, or during a boiler service is something along the lines of “No one has ever spent this much time servicing our boiler” or  “No one has ever stripped the boiler down like that before”.  I was servicing a gas fire the other day and the customer mentioned the fire hadn’t been stripped down in 20yrs even though it had been “serviced” regularly. That did explain why that customer had black marks above the fire which would indicate products of combustion were entering the room, which is immediately dangerous. The last time I checked British Gas charge a similar amount than Pavlou Plumbers for their boiler service. The reason why they rarely actually service the boiler is because British Gas and other larger companies have much higher running costs

Not servicing a gas fire properly is lazy and dangerous however not actually servicing a modern boiler may not be. This is because manufacturers have designed their boilers in such a way that they will still work if they are not serviced, and they specify in the manufacturers instructions that if the emissions, and the gas pressure / fan pressure fall with in certain parameters then a service is not actually required. However I say why let it get that bad. Also if you do not strip the boiler down you can not check the condition of certain seals or electrodes. If your boiler is less than 3 or 4 years old then it’s unlikley that any seals or electrodes require replacing however every house is different. Some boilers get used more than others so the only way to be certain is to actually check the parts by stripping the boiler.

As long as the manufacturers instructions for the gas appliance is available then Pavlou Plumbers can service the appliance, properly.


Take a look for yourself

Have a look at our YouTube channel to see some time lapse videos of boiler services performed by Pavlou Plumbers.